Follow the links below to download some of our recent reports. A complete repository for all reports submitted to the Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture can be found here.

ADOPT 20190430 Oat Pea Intercrop Demonstration

ADOPT 20190447 Can an intercrop of forage soybeans and floury silage corn produce a higher value forage crop than a monoculture of each crop?

ADOPT 20180548 Demonstration of methods to control flea beetles in a non-neonic environment

ADOPT 20180501 Do pea types differ in suitability for intercropping with canola?

ADOPT 20180454 Dry Bean Inoculation and Fertilizer Strategies for Solid Seeded Production

ADOPT 20170435 Weed control in dryland narrow-row dry bean production

ADOPT 20170418 Managing Fertilizer use to Optimize Yield and Quality of Oat

ADOPT 20160474 Demonstrating intercrop of pea and Clearfield canola

ADOPT 20160471 Demonstrating 4R Nitrogen Principles in Canola

ADOPT 20160333 Underseeding clovers into fall rye in the spring

ADOPT 20150470 Intercropping Brassica carinata with various pulse crops

ADOPT 20150467 Field Peas – Improving yields with various pre-seed burn-off treatments

ADOPT 20150457 Flax Fungicide Demonstration

ADOPT 20150455 Demonstration of heirloom dry bean types

ADOPT 20150454 Evaluation of intercropped RR corn and soybean for grain and forage

ADOPT 20150452 Evaluation of annual forage options for early and late spring planting

ADOPT 20140445 Demonstration of forage peas in mixture with cereals for greenfeed production

ADOPT 20140441 Granular inoculant rates and starter nitrogen use in soybean and dry bean in Saskatchewan

ADOPT 20140308 Does fall seeded radish improve soybean planting conditions and productivity in the following year?

ADOPT 20140307 Nitrogen response of fall rye varieties

ADOPT 20130457 Chickpea Flax Intercropping: Can flax stress chickpea to hasten seed set and maturity and/or act as a barrier to disease spread?

ADOPT 20130319 Timing of Bio-Fungicide Application for Sclerotinia Control

ADOPT 20120424 Demonstrating Foliar Fungicide Options for Canola

ADOPT 20120315 Timing of burnoff application for perennial and biennial grassy weed control